Custom Development

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Custom Development

  • Medical software is a very complex area with its own set of terminology, laws, and data integration standards. By focusing on medical software development, we provide more effective solutions to our clients in less time than would otherwise be possible.

  • EVKO has experience with developing, deploying and maintaining custom applications. Although a proponent of appropriate off-the-shelf products, EVKO is able to create a wide variety of custom software for specific customer needs. We can help you develop the best solution that's right for you. EVKO’s infrastructure and development services complement each other to provide guaranteed solutions based on specific customer goals.

  • We offer high quality custom development services to match your requirements for scalable, secure, and easy to integrate applications and solutions.

  • We offer turn-key custom software solution. Specifically, we define, design, develop and deploy:

    • Web Applications

    • iPhone Applications

    • Mobile Applications

    • Android Applications

    • Database Applications

    • Desktop Applications

    • Embedded Applications

  • We create:

    • Open Source Solutions (PHP, MySQL, Java)

    • Microsoft Solutions (ASP.NET, Visual Studio)

    • Database Solutions (SQL Server, MySQL)

    • Mobile Solutions (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

Technologies We Utilize

A partial list of the technologies we leverage are provided below.

  • Microsoft Technologies

    .NET Framework,      ASP.NET
    SharePoint Server

  • Open Source Technologies

    Apache,     PHP

  • Database Technologies

    MS SQL Server (2000-2008R2),    SSIS/SSAS/SSRS
    Oracle 10g-11g, BizTalk Server,  

  • Miscellaneous Technologies

    XML ,    AJAX
    Python,    Ruby