Quality Xpress Solutions

Comprehensive, Easy to Use Software
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Continuous Quality Management (CQI), Quality Assurance Program

Development of web enabled quality improvement software products for healthcare organizations


  • EVKO develops software solutions that enable outcomes data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our software, Quality Xpress Solutions can be customized to support outcomes data management for every area of medical specialty, subspecialty, research study, or the like.

  • We deliver technology solutions and provide services that help healthcare organizations achieve a broad array of business and clinical initiatives, including:

    • Quality management and performance improvement

    • State and National database participation

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Comparative benchmarking

    • Peer review and physician credentialing

    • Best practices and evidence-based decision support

    • Patient education

    • Grant writing and publishing

    • Research studies and clinical trials

    • Public relations and marketing

  • Our services enhance the quality of care, improve your ability to document quality improvements, and can drive increased reimbursements and incentives.


EVKO provides comprehensive installation support for both in-house and EVKO-hosted implementations. Our professionals conduct the initial installation and configuration of EVKO's Quality Xpress Solutions software in the environment of your choice. Our implementation team will have system setup in minimal timeframes and will work with you from start to finish.


At EVKO, we provide comprehensive training courses that cover all aspects of the use and maintenance of EVKO's Quality Xpress Solutions application. Since all customer needs are not the same, EVKO works with customers to tailor a training program that best suits each customer's needs. EVKO training options include:

  • Free group Internet-based training

  • Dedicated Internet-based training

  • On-site training

EVKO Hosting

EVKO provides comprehensive hosted services as an alternative to in-house or customer hosting.