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Reporting Solutions

Chances are you are swimming in an ever-deeper pool of data. But without a program in place to target, gather, deliver and analyze the most relevant data, you will continue to be data rich but information poor.

Your institution gains better insight with high-quality reporting into all areas of your operation: Administrative, Process, Clinical, and Management.

Make better decisions with EVKO’s reporting tools. Enhance your business intelligence and your ability to make better decisions from process improvements to patient safety initiatives.

EVKO Solutions

Our certified Reporting Services consultants are experts in reporting services implementation, report development, and support.

Key Services (for Hosting and In-House Reporting Solutions)

  • Report design

    • Basic report design with table, matrix and lists reports

    • Drill down, parameterized reports, document maps and actions

    • Sub-reports and charting

  • Ad-hoc reporting

  • Reporting services integration and custom programming

  • Full reporting life cycle support and administration