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We provide cost effective IT consulting services to health care providers across the country. EVKO specializes in data management, integration and custom solutions development for the healthcare provider industry. We provide comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective application and software development consulting services and associated support services.

Services include:

  • System interfaces and integration

  • Data migration

  • Quality Xpress Solutions software

  • Registries

  • Custom development

System Interfaces and Integration

  • We offer a set of components for interfacing with dozens of third party medical record systems, lab systems, pharmacies, billing systems, medical devices, ADT systems and third party registry systems. Our automated approach and interfacing can significantly reduce the cost of collecting data, improve accuracy and eliminate multiple entries of the same data points.

  • EVKO develops custom and standard interfaces solutions. Integration between medical software is typically done with HL7 messaging, CCD or CDA documents. Standards such as HL7, ICD-9-CM, and SNOMED make it possible for medical software to catalog and share complex data.

  • EVKO has a wealth of experience in integrating healthcare software, from writing HL7 integration from scratch to pulling data from existing medical systems.