AQI Integration

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AQI Integration

EVKO has developed a number of application program interfaces (APIs) to allow for data import, export and transfer between applications. One such example of APIs created by EVKO is the interface for use with AQI's (Anesthesia Quality Institute) NACOR (National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry) database.

Data collection

The Registry will collect 4 types of data including practice demographics, case specific data, outcomes data and risk adjustment data. The minimum level of data required to participate in AQI is practice demographics (self-reported through the AQI website) and case specific data from the practice billing software. Every anesthesia practice has this information available.

Data submission to AQI

  • Your practice does not need IT support staff to submit data from your anesthesia billing, practice management and other systems (e.g., custom quality management systems, EMR, AIMS, etc.) to AQI.

  • EVKO will handle monthly or quarterly uploads to NACOR, perform all checks and updates.

  • Our implementation team can have upload function completed within 4 weeks with very little effort required on the part of your administrative staff.

  • EVKO "maps" the data from your systems into the format expected by the NACOR import function (the AQI's Anesthesia Record XML schema) so that the data can be easily passed without a great deal of user intervention.

  • Automated submission via secure FTP to AQI/NACOR.

  • EVKO updates API to ensure that users stay current with NACOR format changes implemented by the AQI without direct involvement or interaction.