Security & Offsite Software Backup

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Security & Offsite Software Backup

Safe & Secure Data Storage and Backup

We are committed to your data security and all Anesthesia Xpress solutions run in a secure, world-class hosting facility with system redundancy, fail-safe power systems, 24x7 on-site monitoring and full database backup. No matter what disaster might strike your office location, rest assured that your records are stored safely and securely, in offsite backup servers. The Anesthesia Xpress Solutions software is architected to prevent unauthorized access. With automatic offsite data security, the hassle of manual data backup is one less thing to worry about. Our software handles the offsite data backups, records storage security, and secure access issues for you.

You Own & Control Your Data

Ownership and control of your data is maintained by you and those you appoint. Recognizing that your data is key to your practice, we have built into the software system the ability to export all your patient and practice data at your discretion.

Data & Security

  • Data remains sole property of your practice

  • Nightly backups are performed automatically, stored offsite

  • Role-based, user-level security controls access for specific functions

  • Security audits include usage logs and change-data history

  • Only users with appropriate Administrative level permissions can access and update other users permissions

  • Data is securely encrypted whenever in transit using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128-bit encryption

  • Triple-layer software access is managed by user name, password and office key

  • All users are automatically logged out of our software after specified time

  • Uptime is guaranteed to 99.95 percent

  • Complete power & connectivity redundancy