Patient Satisfaction Survey Module

Comprehensive, Easy to Use Software
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Patient Satisfaction Survey Module

EVKO's Anesthesia Survey Manager Solution allows anesthesia practices to conduct online, paper and phone patient satisfaction survey using a single platform. From survey design to interactive web reporting, all management tasks are accomplished through the Survey intuitive interface. The Anesthesia Survey Manager is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs.

Key Features

  • Multi-mode Data Collection
    You have the flexibility of using any combination of data collection methods such as:

    • Web based: PC/Workstation, Laptop, Tablets (such as iPad), PDAs, smartphones (such as iPhone or Android based).

    • An automated survey services by phone.

    • A simple paper form based survey.

  • Low IT Deployment Cost
    Independent from your organization's IT systems. Anesthesia Survey Manager can be deployed as:

    • EVKO's web based application.

    • Dedicated hosting for your practice.

    • On-site, in your own environment as part of your infrastructure.

  • Fast
    Creates surveys & polls in minutes.

  • Easy
    Customizable questions (Yes/No or scale type) or select from already created templates.

  • Real-time
    View your results as they are collected in real-time using our reports.

  • Reporting
    The Reporting Anesthesia Survey Manager comes built-in with the most common reports our customers need with a multitude of filtering options.

    • Unlimited custom reports can be created per customer request.

    • Customized graphs & charts within reports, filtering and trend analysis.

    • Ability to export reports to Excel, Word, CVS, TIFF, XML and PDF files.