Quality Indicators and Outcomes

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Quality Indicators and Outcomes

Clinical outcomes analysis is becoming a critical factor in managing and evaluating medical practices. Access to accurate and reliable clinical outcomes information is the first step in providing the highest quality of patient care. Patients, providers, payers, peer review programs and regulatory agencies, are demanding objective data to determine quality of care. Quality indicators are increasingly developed and promoted by professional organizations, governmental agencies, and quality initiatives as measures of quality and performance.

Key Features

  • Anesthesia Xpress allows the clinician to enter data at the point of care on a paper form, workstation, laptop, tablet computer, or smartphone. Regardless of the type of data entry you select, paper or web, you will have 24/7 access to your web based database.

  • Mobile Anesthesia Xpress for Apple iPhone and Google Android can be customized per practice requirements.

  • Input of outcomes can take a clinician less than 30 seconds.

  • Our solution easily fits into existing paper-based or electronic workflows.

  • Easy to use. Every field in EVKO, where applicable, utilizes checkboxes or drop down menus and pick lists. Every effort has been made to minimize data input time.

  • It has the ability to capture key quality indicators recommended by ASA and AQI. Our pre-defined forms can be easily modified to include specific data the practice would like to collect.

  • New quality indicators and custom fields can be easily added by the user for total customizability.

  • Import data from external systems using Anesthesia Xpress to eliminate manual data entry.

  • Provides a mechanism for our clients to submit data to the AQI's NACOR registry.