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About Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a web-enabled software delivery model that over time costs less and eliminates the need for a practice to handle the installation, setup and daily upkeep and maintenance of the software and hardware. SaaS is more efficient to build, operate, maintain and support. SaaS is a software that is deployed over the Internet as a service for a business/user. Sometimes this arrangement is called cloud computing or software in the cloud. Total access to the data - 24/7 - is possible because the service is internet-based.

Keep up with software changes with virtually no effort
Since the software is hosted remotely, practices don’t need to invest in additional hardware to get started. EVKO hosts the applications and manages the maintenance, software upgrades and disaster recovery.

Easily Deployed
EVKO SaaS model enables small and medium-sized physician offices to utilize Anesthesia Xpress Solutions without large upfront acquisition cost or resource-intensive, lengthy deployments.

Advantages of Software as a Service

  • Saves money - no more hardware or software to purchase and maintain

  • No more worries with IT infrastructure or hiring IT personnel

  • No up-front capital outlay; pay monthly

  • Reliable - up-time maintained at 99.5%

  • Total access - 24/7 - 365

  • Deployed in days; not weeks

  • Scalable - increase the capacity as the business grows

  • Technical professionals handle everything