Medical Registries

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Medical Registries

  • We support data submission to state, national and society registries. With EVKO's set of pre-built components and modules, data submission to registries can be quickly set up.

  • EVKO supports all aspects of data submission to STS, and state-based Emergency and Trauma Registries.

  • We have a standard library of interfaces for most major billing systems, including HL7 compliant hospital systems. For the systems developed “in house,” we will create custom data conversation programs according to the registry database schema.

  • EVKO's technical team will handle all application updates following registry database changes. For every registry database update, EVKO upgrades or migrates your existing data into the newest registry version. EVKO keeps you current. All registry changes are rapidly put in place.

  • EVKO will help with custom development, support and all aspects required for participation in hospital/group/insurance/government registries.