Quality Xpress Solutions

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Quality Xpress Solutions

Quality Xpress is cost effective and an easy to use web-based solution for quality and outcomes data collection, analysis and national database reporting with no capital investments or additional IT infrastructure.

Our interfaces transfer your data effortlessly from your ADT and billing systems to our software, thereby reducing redundant data entry and saving time.

With EVKO's Quality Xpress Solutions you can:

  • Solve your quality and outcomes data collection, reporting and analysis needs.

  • Shorten CQM documentation time.

  • Track patient satisfaction through patient satisfaction surveys administered after surgery or once the patient has returned home.

  • Produce outcomes reports following society and state domains.

  • Increase the opportunity for communication of best practices, and increase research on quality measurement and improvement. Statistical analysis and trending provides an institution with the opportunity to increase quality of care and improve the delivery of the services.

  • Demonstrate quality of care to third parties.

  • Obtain immediate and accurate responses from requests for outcome data.

  • Identify potential areas for improvement.


  • Your Quality Xpress Solutions system can be a simple standalone to a multi-user multi-hospital system.

  • Your data can be harvested from other sources.

  • Over 100 User Defined fields can be easily customized.

  • Unlimited reporting system.

  • Uses Microsoft standard products (SQL, Access, Word, Excel, etc.).

  • Hosted by your institution or by EVKO.

  • Allows easy data harvesting for registry reporting.

Ease of Use

  • Data is entered at point-of-care. Collecting and viewing information with familiar current technology via Scan Forms, PC, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or smartphone.

  • Integration with ADT and Billing Systems prevents redundancy and reduces errors resulting from manual data entry.

  • Sites do not need IT support staff or separate computing environments.

  • Stand-alone system can be setup in minimal timeframe.

  • Straightforward data export. Data export and import routines allow effortless transfer of data to most of the common data formats.

  • Customizable data entry forms can be navigated with ease and speed. Accuracy of data is validated as entries are made.

Access and Control

  • Access to your quality data is immediate.

  • Reports and queries can be run in a timely manner.

  • Your institution can respond immediately to data trends.