Anesthesia Xpress Solutions

Comprehensive, Easy to Use Software
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Anesthesia Xpress Solutions


Anesthesia Xpress is a cost effective, easy to use set of solutions for outcomes and quality indicators collection, analysis and reporting. No additional capital investments or IT infrastructure is required. The Anesthesia Xpress tool was specifically designed and developed for anesthesia and OR quality improvement initiatives.

EVKO is an Anesthesia Quality Institute Preferred Vendor.

Key Features

Quality and Outcomes Indicators

  • Enter data at the point of care on a paper form, workstation, laptop, tablet computer, iPad, iPhone, or smartphone.

  • Total customizability. The practice selects indicators it would like to collect and report on.

  • Ability to capture key quality indicators recommended by the ASA and AQI.

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Customizable patient satisfaction survey. Create new surveys in minutes.

  • Survey Methods: Web survey, Email survey, computer aided telephone interviews, and paper surveys.

  • Real time delivery of customer feedback.

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EVKO Integration Engine

  • Generic integration engine which imports and exports data from various sources, e.g. text files.

  • Existing interfaces include: ADT and Number of anesthesia billing systems

  • Interface with AQI's NACOR database - data upload.

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Reports and Data Analysis

  • An exhaustive list of included standard reports.

  • Run quality reports on all of your sites as well as individual indicators.

  • Data analysis through filtering, tables, charting and graphing.

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